Thursday, September 27, 2012


I'm intrigued and excited to check out Hu Kitchen opening five blocks south of the bakery tomorrow, on 5th Avenue      in the former East-West Books space [for anyone who has been in the neighborhood from the last 5 to 50 years].  

Hu isn't just opening a food business, they arrive with a feisty manifesto [hence, my intrigue]. Some highlights.....

Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C.
...  looks like she's looking for a place for lunch. 
The food revolution is taking too long. The jury is in on the shortcomings of the Western diet and the benefits of pre-industrial food; reams have been written about the pressing need to change the way we eat....The moment is ripe. People are hungry to get started, yet no one is doing much about it.....

At Hu, every mouthful has been vetted to meet the highest standards, crafted and honed from the synthesis of everything we’ve learned about ancestral diets and nutritional science....

And that’s where we stand. We make food for humans and, frankly, we think it’s about time someone did....We’re not here to make a quick buck in the same tired food space.... We’re here to start a revolution.  [full manifesto on Facebook].

Ah, the vetted mouthful 
[normally reserved for dictators].

"Pre-industrial food."

"Ancestral diets."

Call me curious. 

It's one thing to open a new food business in New York. It's another to say before the fact you intend to "start a revolution."  They're in a great location, with the bonus of the new New School headquarters being built across the street at 5th & 14th. 

A sincere best wishes to Hu Kitchen. 

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